Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Vacation Horror Stories

An English woman goes to Brazil for a vacation.  She goes for a hike.  After the hike, she starts hearing a scratching sound in her ear. 

So she goes to the ear, nose and throat doctor.  And the doctor finds flesh-eating maggots in her ear canal.


edutcher said...
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edutcher said...

By no means in the same league, but The Blonde and I had just finished a cruise through the Caribbean and there's a little time to kill until the flight home, so we sign up for an excursion through Old San Juan.

We have a half hour break, split a Coke, and then Goldenrod decides she can't live without a smoothie at the shiny little place across the square.

I say, "No"; she insists.

After she has said smoothie, as she's walking out the door, she trips over the one step (it's her thing) breaking a couple of toes and tearing some ligaments in her foot.

As the tourist hospital is closed, we end up in the "teaching" hospital where the only ones who speak English (or do any work) are the doctors, the equipment is 50 years old (the same stuff they used on me when I broke my wrist in 6th grade), and the attitude is very Third World (at night, the patients' families bring blankets and food).

After 8 hours of this, we barely make our flight - only because it was delayed as there's a bad snowstorm in Carolina. So, after a flight where the pills have worn off, we have to find lodging for the night, as there's no connection.

We find it - a half hour drive away.

So, in addition to the flight home, I have to get Herself on the airport limo without a wheelchair.

To top it off, when we get home, we find out our big wheeled bags were sprayed with anti-freeze at the airport and thus ruined.

Not exactly flesh-eating maggots in the ear canal, but bad enough.

Saint Croix said...

Yeah that sounds pretty bad.

On the other hand, no matter how bad it is, it can always be worse!

ricpic said...

This is why we should all listen to Pascal.

But of course we don't.

Who says only rh can post semi-obscure references?