Friday, July 12, 2013

Roe v. Wade = Men in Shorts

A little tongue in cheek, but also a serious point that feminists need to address.  Why are so many men resisting adulthood, resisting fatherhood, resisting paternity?  Could it be that somebody (or something) has stripped men of all responsibility for human reproduction?
"It's my body, it's my choice."  Feminists need to think, and think seriously, about what this rhetoric (what this law!) has done to fatherhood.  Prior to Roe v. Wade, pregnancy was a biological event.  A man impregnates a woman.  Thus a man fathers a baby.  He is responsible!  And he knew it. 
With Roe v. Wade, however, what do we now say?  Pregnancy is a choice!  And who makes that choice?  Mom makes the choice.  She decides if she is pregnant or not pregnant.  She decides if she will be a mother.  And she decides if the father shall be a father.  All the power is given to her.  Autonomy = self-rule.  Does the father have any legal say?  He does not.  The decision does not concern him.  He is relegated to footnote 67. 
Thus every pregnancy is now a woman's choice.  And the man has no choice.  Father:  "You decided you wanted to be a mother.  This has nothing to do with me."  And so father opts out.  And we have tens of millions of single moms, and tens of millions of aborting moms.  And irresponsible men (in shorts!) are that way because the Supreme Court wanted to empower women and give them full control.  So, yes, you feminists should bemoan the men in shorts. 
Where did all the adult men go?  You shot at patriarchy and killed fatherhood.


Ignorance is Bliss said...

Feminists need to think, and think seriously, about what this rhetoric (what this law!) has done to fatherhood.

It's not a law, or the law. It is an opinion. It is an opinion given the force of law. I think it is important for us to push back when such opinions are referred to as laws. It gives them legitimacy that they do not deserve.

Saint Croix said...

It's a lawless law!

edutcher said...

Feminists wanted to make everything all about them.

The idea it was growing inside them meant it was all theirs. As long as they could snow everybody calling it a fetus and not a baby, they got away with it.

Then ultrasound came along and exposed the lie.

And then they wanted the men to pay even though they had no say and no rights and men demurred, understandably.

Now they're alone and bitching about it.

Anonymous said...

I love men in shorts, keeps their testicles cooler, which makes them more virile. Win/ win!