Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Libertarian Revolt in the House

Justin Amash's attempt to defund the NSA spying program was truly amazingObama was against it.  Boehner was against it.  Pelosi was against it.  All the leaders--all the rulers--were against it.  They like their power and they want more, more, more! 

And yet there was a revolt nonetheless.  People who are sick of these violations of our Constitution voted their conscience.  The entire delegation of South Carolina voted against the NSA secret court.  They read the Constitution out loud!  And followed it!  

93 Republicans went against the House leadership.  They will no doubt be punished for that.  And they did it anyway!  

And 111 Democrats went against Obama and Pelosi.  These are our heroes and we should cheer them.   


edutcher said...

You got it, but it was more than just Libertarians.

You're seeing people of conscience across the board speaking out on this.

dc said...

Initially I thought the split would be between Tea Party and Big Government Republicans.That seems not to be the case.I find it all confusing.