Sunday, July 14, 2013


What's interesting about Kazimir Malevich is that he is famous as an abstract artist, not as a Christian artist.  And yet crosses are all in his work.  So this is an abstract guy, making abstract art, and yet Christian symbols pop up over and over.

The "Three Crosses" illustration and photograph are very specific, very Christian works of art.  So as a Christian they affect me powerfully.  But I don't think I would hang either of them on my wall.  So why is that?  I want my distance from Christianity?  

I wouldn't put Michelangelo up on my wall, either!  Although I like it just fine on the Sistine Chapel.

Abstraction gives us distance. 

There's just one cross in Malevich's work, along with other geometric symbols.  I see a dying sun (which makes me think "dying son") and a black box, which makes me think 2001But of course Malevich was an artist way before Kubrick!

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