Thursday, July 18, 2013

Marco Rubio

Article in Politico suggests Rubio is reeling.

Is it too early to talk about Iowa polls?  Because he's dropped to fifth place.

National Journal argues that Rubio's illegal immigration problem is a myth, since the other likely Republican candidates also believe in some kind of reform.  For instance, headlining Drudge is this article, suggesting Paul Ryan might vote for immigration reform in the House.  Yet immigration reform is not the same thing as the 1000-page Rubio monstrosity. 

Mickey Kaus has been brutal on Rubio.

Me?  I'm still hoping Sarah Palin will come in!   


edutcher said...

Yeah, way too early.

Icepick said...

Rubio is, and has always been, a turd. He caught the Tea Party Wave in 2010 for the simple reason that he was running against an even bigger big steaming pile in Charlie Crist.