Saturday, July 20, 2013

Trayvon Martin and "Purple Drank"

Purple drank or "lean" is a name for codeine mixed with a soft drink and candy.  It is a cough suppressant in small doses, but in larger doses it is quite similar to PCP(!)

It's theorized that Trayvon Martin was a user, based on facebook posts about the drug.  See also this.   

Trayvon:  "unow a connect for codine?"

Mackenzie:  "Why nigga?"

Trayvon:  "To make some more."


Trayvon:  "Codeine is a higher dose of dxm."


Trayvon:  "You can get the same vibe off lean."

Nice in depth discussion here

It is quite possible that Trayvon Martin – experiencing the tolerance effects caused by chronic use of DXM - potentially took a larger dose of DXM than he’d had before,  or at the very least was recently indulging himself in an admitted actitity.   Maybe even suffered a “psychotic break”, but at least the behavioral paranoia and psychological stress consistent with the use of long-term DXM use might have to a physical and psychological reaction to questions by George Zimmerman, and ultimately to his aggressive response.


edutcher said...

Considering there are allegation Saint Skittles was a far naughtier boy than originally thought, the whole "crazy ass cracka" business takes on new dimension.

Aridog said...

TM was possibly under the influence of "Purple Drank" after-effect. He had just bought two OTC ingredients for it...e.g., wanted more, didn't have it, yet, got twitchy.

That would lead to what I am more convinced he was just a nitwit who saw a smaller and demure white looking guy and decided to go wilding. He figured he could dominate easily. Whoops.

Roger J. said...

Old rule: never bring a concrete sidewalk to a gun fight.

Jess said...

Old rule: never bring a concrete sidewalk to a gun fight.

But a concrete sidewalk and a trebuchet? Now you've got something!