Monday, July 22, 2013

Press the Button!

Readers of the Guardian can avoid all news of the new royal baby by pressing a buttonThis fantastic application blocks all news of the royal family and gives the reader a whole different newspaper.

William and Kate's baby is finally on its way, but if you're sick of hearing about what it'll be called, where it'll live and how privileged it'll be, then the Guardian's website has the answer: a royal baby blocker. The popular British newspaper clearly anticipated a great deal of royal baby fatigue, because on the U.K. version of the site there's a way to toggle between "Royalist" and "Republican" modes. Click the latter and all royal baby mentions are removed from your view of the site. In England, "Republican" means supporting a republic without a monarchy.

I am ready for my Nobama button!  Imagine the news with all mentions of Obama removed.  Peace and prosperity!  At least in my house.   

1 comment:

edutcher said...

Where, O where, do I sign up for one, too?

Better yet, where's the button that gives Choom the same kind of treatment from the press LBJ or Nixon got?