Friday, July 26, 2013

A Suggestion For The Republican House

Pass an Omnibus Naturalization Bill.  It has two components:

1)  A similar version to the Senate bill on immigration reform


2) It defines any baby who crosses the cervix as a citizen of the United States.

This would have the effect of defining D&X and D&E abortions (two abortions that require the doctor to pull the baby through the cervix) as murder.  A partially-born infant would be a citizen of the United States, and thus entitled to the equal protection of the laws.

Republicans should also insist that the two provisions cannot be severed by the judiciary.

In conference the Senate Democrats (and Obama) would have to scale back on abortion rights if they want immigration reform.

Or the Democrats could scuttle the bill.  And Republicans can demonize them as anti-Hispanic and anti-Catholic.


edutcher said...

Somehow, the Demos can always hornswoggle enough RINOs into gutting anything the Republicans want and keeping everything the Demos want.

dc said...

Once Obamacare and the Death Panels kick in,being a US citizen won't protect anyone.The Death Peddlers will always be one step ahead of you.