Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sex Difference

I think men and women approach sex quite differently, and this is because of biological difference.  Women have pregnancies and men do not.  Thus human reproduction is biologically certain for women, and biologically uncertain for men.  Or, to be more specific, "this baby is mine" is biologically certain for women, and biologically uncertain for men.

Of course, in the modern era we have DNA tests, as Deborah mentioned on the Yves Klein threadBut when we're talking about human sexuality, we're talking about behavior that is established over millions of years.  Biologically speaking, a woman is at the center of the family.  She gives birth to it.  Man is on the outside of the family, the defender of it.

Women need marriage, because they need a father to their children.  I suspect this is why so many women reject feminism.  Feminism is all about autonomy (self-rule).  But most women have no interest in self-rule.  They want a family.  They want a community.  Biologically speaking, it is men who are the loners, men who are the criminals, men who are the outsiders, and men who are the defenders and the protectors and the warriors. 


edutcher said...

Yes, but women don't want a platoon of men or polyandry would have been more popular in all the places with Empresses and Queens.

Men are on the outside only if that's what they want.

WV - gyurage, Straw man your parents use to make you go out and find a job.

Saint Croix said...

ha! funny.

I wonder how you turn off the wv?