Thursday, July 18, 2013

Underwater Dog #3


Aridog said...

Your "Underwater dogs" photos remind me so much of our late dog "Ari" odd German Shepherd in that he loved water and swimming. If no body of water was around for him to dive in in, he'd find other taking the hose and nozzle off the coil rack on the side of the house and drag it to you, with a less than subtle hint that he wanted to play and be squirted with the hose. I replaced at least one 2 foot end of a garden hose every year.

Picture #2 reminds me most of "Ari", who I still miss dearly.

dc said...

I used to have a cocker spaniel that loved to swim. Our daily walk took us past a stream and she would always jump in,summer or winter it didn't matter.One time at the beach while I was standing in about four feet of water she dove down and when she resurfaced she had a clam shell in her mouth. Could not believe it.It was the only time I ever saw her stick her head under water.

Saint Croix said...

I had to put my dog to sleep last year, Ari, I know what you're feeling.

I need to get a new dog but I keep putting it off. It's so wonderful to have a dog and such a loss when they're gone.