Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Do Liberals Care If Millions of Africans Die?

I ask this because a million Africans die every year from malaria.  And we certainly know how to wipe out malaria.  A marvelous pesticide known as DDT kills the mosquito that is responsible for that disease.  Yet this stupid book, and the environmental movement it spawned, is responsible for the demonization of DDT.  

DDT is a wonder drug that wiped out malaria in most of the world.  But the environmental movement hates science and hates pesticidesAnd so they got DDT banned, despite an amazing health record, and no evidence of any danger to anybody.

Meanwhile, malaria is still killing people, 90% of whom are in Africa.  Since 1972, more than 50 million people have died of malaria.  We could stop it, cheaply and easily.  And yet we do nothing.
These people are shits.

If malaria was killing a million Americans a year, or a million Europeans a year, you know damn well we would spray DDT to get rid of it.  But apparently African life is not worth it.
Here is the World Health Organization begging the left to start using DDT to save lives.
And they refuse. 


ricpic said...

It's a toss up who was the single most destructive human being of the twentieth century: Rachel Carson or John Dewey. Okay, after AH. On the other hand the Hitler madness burnt itself out; the save the planet and progressive education madnesses just keep chugging along no matter how destructive they're shown to be.

edutcher said...

Of course they don't care.

You didn't hear them going after Willie because of his lousy record in Rwanda.

Nor did they praise Dubya for trying to stop the spread of AIDS in Africa.

People are just means to an end , pawns in the game.

dc said...

They believe the junk science.And don't forget. You are the racist. They believe that too.

Saint Croix said...

You are the racist. They believe that too.

Why don't Republicans make an issue of this? We get called racist all the frickin' time! You'd think somebody would respond along these lines.

Read this NYT article Oh my God this makes me insane. Look how the NYT is all distressed that African food isn't "organic" anymore.

That article continually demonizes DDT. Fear! Fear! Fear!

Mr. Acope said an official from the organic-farming company he sold to, which was also supported by the United States, warned that the sprays were dangerous. Mr. Acope’s produce would no longer be guaranteed to be organic — especially since many crops were stored indoors, where the spraying occurred — nor would it be bought at a lucrative price.

Hey, let's buy organic so Africans will die!

dc said...

"Why don't Republicans make an issue of this"?
Drives me nuts too.The Republicans should be accusing the Dems and the media non stop of being demagogues and of poisoning the racial atmosphere in the country.Instead they take it like sheep.