Saturday, July 13, 2013

So Obama Is Asked By a School Reporter What His Favorite Food Is, And He Says...

You lie!

Amanda Marcotte tries to defend the President.  "The president is right.  Broccoli tastes good.  People like it." 

You lie, too!

People hate broccoli.  Here is Justice Scalia talking about the government forcing people to eat broccoli.

It's a lie.  We know it's a lie.  Of course it's a frickin' lie!


edutcher said...

Well, I like broccoli, albeit with some mayo or hollandaise sauce, but it's hardly my fave.

Perhaps Choom was being Puckish.

Or just high.

I recall Bush 41 made a big thing about banning broccoli from White House dinners while he was POTUS.

WV "teenvic" (no kidding) you know the drill

Aridog said...

Broccoli is a product of toxic that can kills dogs or anything else that eats it.

See, broccoli is what grows out of asphalt paving anywhere automotive antifreeze drips on it. This is why it is to cheap and obscenely green.

I wouldn't lie to y'all. Really.

Broccoli also grows near where the drunken purple grape eating birds in my yard poop. Broccoli is not impervious to "Round Up" or "Spectrcide."