Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Secret Laws

I heard Justin Amash on NPR yesterday.  He was on fire!  Also on NPR, in the role of Darth Vader, was the general counsel for the NSA, Stewart Baker, who said they were not going to share any of their FISA court rulings with Congress because Congress cannot be trusted.  And Justin Amash was so pissed.  As he should be!  "You can't have secret law!"  And Stewart Baker said it was just an interpretation of law.  They weren't writing laws.  

Imagine the Supreme Court writing Roe v. Wade in secret!  And even Congress is not allowed to read it!  Because Congress cannot be trusted.

The FISA court is a secret court, writing secret laws, rubber-stamping what our secret police state wants to do.  It's utterly un-American, I think, as there is no opposition to the government allowed in court.  And it's all done in secret!  

And then the Darth Vader of the FISA says that It's a shame about all these Obama scandals, because it's confused Republicans into thinking there is an NSA scandal, too.  He scoffs at the idea there is an NSA scandal.  What could be scandalous about building a Stasi spy apparatus in the USA?

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edutcher said...

His attitude says there's a lot more dirt here, vindicating Greenwald.