Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Liberal Path To Success

Plan.  Organize.  Meet.  Pass out business cards.  Conspire.  Plot.  Lie.  Network.  Plot some more.  Conspire.  Join.  Network some more.  Lie.  Lie again.  Tell a big whopping lie.  Meet.  Conspire.  Make a secret network.  Expand the network.  Do some secret shit.  Plot.  Conspire.  Do some Machiavellian shit that totally backfires and makes you look bad.  Retreat.  Reorganize.  Plot.  Lie some more.  Keep lying.  Lie again.  Forget what the truth is.  Ask your network for help.  Suck up.  Kiss ass.  Lie.  Start a rumor.  Expand the network.  Stick your tentacles into some innocent shit and grab hold.  Stab somebody in the back.  Betray.  More deceit.  Lie.  More lies.  Huge lie.  Big lie.  Bigger lie.  Lie that's so obviously a lie that you can't believe anybody swallows this shit.  Success!

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edutcher said...

You, sir, are on a roll.