Monday, July 22, 2013

Tampon Earrings

So on MSNBC a host is wearing tampon earrings as a protest against the seizure of tampons, which were temporarily banned in the legislature rotunda in Texas on the grounds that pro-choicers might start throwing them.

Not sure if tampons have anything to do with SatanActually I can think up two or three jokes using tampons and Satan. 

Here is a bra that is on fire.  

Not sure how that fits into it.  I'm actually a little confused.  But it's still funny.


Aridog said...

Perfect jewelry for the douche Melissa Harris-Perry. If only they made one big enough to fill her mouth.

dc said...

I think coat hanger earrings would be more stylish....and practical.

edutcher said...

They go perfectly with a "Trayvon" hoodie.