Thursday, August 22, 2013

"We are going to have to kill a lot of whites"

That's from a website, War on the Horizon, that you can see hereThe website is run by an Irritated Genie, who may or may not be Ayo Kimathi, an employee of the Department of Homeland Security

The Southern Poverty Law Center has an unnamed source for the story, a former supervisor of Kimathi at DHS who discovered his website in June.

A former supervisor of Kimathi’s at the DHS told Hatewatch, “Everybody in the office is afraid of him.”

“This guy is filled with hate,” the supervisor continued. “People are afraid he will come in with a gun someday and go postal. I am astounded he’s employed by the federal government, let alone Homeland Security.”

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edutcher said...

None of this surprises me.

Just you typical black person - and Federal employee - in ObamameriKKKa.

But, if we racist, Bible-thumping, fast-breeding, gay-bashing, right winging whites have all the guns (and AG "my people" says we do), how are they going to kill all of us?