Friday, August 16, 2013

Glass Ceiling Cracker

Hillary Clinton's twitter account describes her as a "glass ceiling cracker."  Yes, you are a honky, shut up!  

You crazy ass cracker!

She means to talk about "glass ceilings" and how she will crack them.  What jumps to my mind is how oblivious she is to the word "cracker."  She's unaware of any racial taunts or insults, because she lives in a rich, lily-white world where such upsets never happen.

Can you imagine a billionaire so obsessed with being the #1 billionaire in the world?  It's like Oprah whining about that glass ceiling over her head.         

As Camille Paglia has written, modern day feminism is "too narrow and elitist."  Hillary Clinton is a class warrior without any class.  She's talking about herself, thinking about herself. 
"Hi, I'm Hillary and I break through glass ceilings.  I'm a Senator!  I'm a Secretary of State!  And I got one more glass ceiling to break through.  Vote for me, the glass ceiling cracker!"           


Saint Croix said...

And of course Hillary hasn't cracked any glass ceilings whatsoever. Was she the first woman Senator? Was she the first woman Secretary of State?

Hillary arrives. "Hey, there is no ceiling here at all!"

So when Hillary calls herself a glass-ceiling cracker, what is she talking about?

She is projecting what she will do, not what she has done.

It's like calling herself President, in her twitter feed, three and a half years before the election. Wow.

dc said...

If you ever listened to Hillary's fake black accent you wouldn't call her a cracker.

edutcher said...

What ceiling did Hillary! break that Willie did not first hammer?

Anonymous said...

The TBD part stands for: “The Bitch Dyke/The Butch Dyke"