Thursday, August 15, 2013

Make Love, Not War

That was a 60's slogan.  "Make love, not war."  And yet one of the problems here is that if you're oblivious to war tactics, you might be unaware of things like deception.  What if he doesn't love you?  What if you don't love him?  What if you're not making love at all?

What if sex is sport?  It's certainly more fun than war!  In a war zone you can get shot, you can get wounded, you can be handicapped for life, you can kill innocent people.  All sorts of awful things can happen.  

While sex is the most fun you will ever have in your life!  

And yet, sex leads to babies, all the time.

1968 was called "the summer of love."  But why that year?  What made 1968 so special?

1968 was the year abortion became legal in California.  Pregnant women could suddenly pay a doctor to force a miscarriage.  And so the summer of love because the summer of infanticides.      

I agree with the slogan.  Make love, not war!  But you want to watch out for the fucking.  "You're fucked," we say, and that's not a good thing.  For a baby it's like a knife in the head.    


edutcher said...

They weren't talking about love as much as casual sex with any partner that caught their fancy at any given moment ("If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with").

The late 60s (and we're talking the last third of the decade) weren't about anything except running from adulthood and responsibility. And the Lefty tactics and memes now so familiar were all honed then, so any talk of love is a joke.

PS It was '67 that was supposed to be the Summer of Love.

Saint Croix said...

It was '67 that was supposed to be the Summer of Love

Good catch!

I had the wrong year but my thesis is still right. Abortion became legal in California in June, 1967.