Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Gay Politics Seeks to Outlaw Science

Chris Christie has just made it illegal for therapists to treat the sexuality of gay teenagers.  The sponsor of the bill says this speech is "insidious child abuse." 

Bad speaker, bad!

How weird is it to insist that you know all about the sexuality of people you've never met?  How bizarre is it to mandate, by force of law, that gay people must remain gay? 

What if you don't want to be gay?  Is that possible?  What if you were molested as a child and you desperately need therapy to straighten out your sexuality?  I can think of any number of scenarios where people need sex therapy, and would like the heterosexual option.  But that option--that speech--has been criminalized as evil and wrong. 

Christie helpfully adds that babies are born gay.  Do you have any science to back that up, or are you just making it up as you go?  What about Darwin and the importance of breeding in regard to genetics?  How do gay people pass genes to offspring? 

I believe that heterosexuality is the biological norm because of the importance of reproduction to humanity.  Another possibility is that we all have free will, and heterosexuality is a cultural norm, not a biological one.

The former idea suggests that homosexuality (as well as many other sexual behaviors) are deviations from the norm.  Thus people might seek therapy to normalize their behavior (i.e. develop healthy relationships with the opposite sex and create family units).

The latter idea suggests that many forms of sexuality are normal, and that people can freely shift as they please. 

But neither of these arguments supports the liberal dogma that homosexuality is fixed at birth.  That is unscientific propaganda that is now being mandated by the state of New Jersey.

Darwin is wrong!  Freud is wrong!  Hey, why don't we criminalize scientific inquiry and toss bad speakers in prison?  We can lock up the Catholic therapists.  Put them in a cell right next to Galileo.


Saint Croix said...

Freud, the father of psychiatry, is stripped of his license to practice in New Jersey. And California.

n.n said...

They are redefining dysfunctional behavior for political and economic benefit, and personal convenience. Does that sound familiar?

Now that they have normalized homosexual behavior, they cannot legitimately deny normalcy to other loving, sexual relations, including: incest, bestiality, polygamy, etc. In the case of non-reproducing relationships, a couple, couplet, or union of whatever, can adopt, artificially inseminate, or implant. The possibilities are endless! In the worst case, pregnancy, a couple or union can abort a developing human/hybrid life without cause or due process, thereby neutralizing concerns for unwanted or freakish reproductions.

Welcome to the new normal -- a dysfunctional convergence -- which is the old normal where history repeats itself; and yet our ancestors were rarely so foolish to normalize dysfunctional behaviors en masse. Not for long, anyway.

I think homosexual behavior, preferred and exhibited by a minority of the population, is the least of our concerns, evolutionary fitness notwithstanding. I think the cause or motivation which underlies this effort is a greater concern, similar to the consumption of psychotropic drugs and other reality evading inducements. First, liberty is only suitable and possible for individuals capable of self-moderating, responsible behavior. The consequences of unrefined liberal behavior, including a loss of liberty, will not be constrained to its practitioners. Second, a general devaluation of human life has universal implications, which can only be mitigated through force. Finally, a choice or selective ideology is a sponsor of corruption, with obvious repercussions for anyone who does not enjoy a favored status.

As for outlawing science, they routinely confuse philosophy (or religion) and science, and often permit their material, physical, and egoistic ambitions to corrupt it. Whether it's a consensus, or democracy, the opportunity to deny reality for personal benefit and pleasure is the same.

Anyway, just thinking outside the box. In case anyone is at a loss for ideas to effect positive and negative progress. Just do what feels good, right? We live in interesting times.

Saint Croix said...

the opportunity to deny reality for personal benefit and pleasure is the same.

We certainly see this in abortion politics. The use of rhetoric ("fetus") to hide the humanity of the unborn. Bumper sticker dogma ("the right to choose") from our judicial authorities no less. The bizarre idea that a forced miscarriage is always safer for a woman than a natural pregnancy. The self-censorship of photographs of aborted babies by the mainstream media. The refusal of the media to use the term "pro-life." The reluctance of the media to cover a murder trial of an abortion doctor because of political implications. The lack of upset by the medical profession about the violation of the Hippocratic oath.

Tens of millions of women have had abortions and never, ever talk about them. Indeed, abortion itself is an act of denial, sexual repression, and control. For many women, the point of an abortion is to hide the fact that you were pregnant in the first place. You are denying your pregnancy, denying reality, and attempting to turn back the clock. Thus, in a bizarre bit of insanity, the Casey Court writes that "the abortion decision is of the same character as the decision to use contraception."

Abortion politics has corrupted law, medicine, journalism.

edutcher said...

Someone at TOP (and a good guy) once said, "Don't you think, if I could change, I would? Don't you think I'd like a normal life with a wife and children?".

But we can't let facts get in the way of community organizing.