Thursday, August 15, 2013

Peace and War

Women are peace and men are war.  Peace needs to soothe war.  War needs to defend peace.  Sometimes war declares war on peace.  And peace is in trouble, real trouble.  But then war steps in, between war and peace.  And war says, "I'm not messing with you, war.  I just want to fuck up peace a little."  And war says, "Fuck you, war.  I'm defending peace."  And war declares war on war.  And after war gets his ass handed to him on a hat, war is like "Oh fuck, oh shit, peace!  Peace!"  And war says, "Fuckin' A, peace.  Peace is awesome."  And peace is standing there all smug, going, "I told you, I told you.  Why don't you listen to me?"  And war says, "I listen.  What the fuck do you think I'm doing?  I'm defending you."  And peace says, "You're using war!"  And war says, "Fuckin' A."  And peace says, "War is wrong."  And war says, "Don't be so cranky."  And peace says, "War is wrong!  War is wrong!"  And war says, "You're not being peaceful."  And peace says, "What the fuck do you know about peace?"  And war says, "It's good.  I like peace.  What do you know about war?"  And peace says, "I hate it!  War sucks!"  And war says, "I know."  And war starts feeling sorry for himself and peace has to give him a hug.   



edutcher said...

Anybody who says women are peace has never seen a woman on a real tear.

Talk about total war.

Dad said...