Monday, August 05, 2013


Google glass is not even on the market yet and there's already an insult for the people who use them.  Glasshole! 

If Google was smart it might rename the product before launch.  Because that nickname will not go away. 


edutcher said...

Nor should it.

Too bad we don't have a name for the people similarly addicted to their Smartphone.

Of course there's always Smartass.

Aridog said...

But, but, but .... I actually WANT a pair of Google glasses and will pay a reasonable price [there's been talk of $1500] to get them. When and where is the problem. The moment I can have them, providing they offer Verizon WWAN, I will have a pair. They are far and away more practical for climbing around high mountain wilderness areas or just finding my way out if they perform as advertised...e.g., access the Internet.

Now I despise "smart phones" for most applications [there are some that are worthwhile] and still use an old Motorola flip phone from ancient times. I am trying to program it to automatically "reply" immediately with "Ppbbbffft!" to any and all text messages, especially those annoying ones from NRDC and DOW who do jack squat for wildlife but campaign well in Washington for people who would elimiante more wildlife.....and so far have done so.

For those speacial folks, I'd add "ESAD" to the "Ppbbbffft!" ... or FOAD.

If anyone know s how to set up auto-responses to unsolicited text messages, please let me know. I will even pay you. Really.

Aridog said...

As far as the name goes...pshaw. I already answer to "Dickhead" [really cute application of my first name Richard], "Hey You", "Thompsie" [another cute use of my last name], and "Asshole," so what the heck...Glasshole is fine. Beats being called a "Democrat" these days :-}}