Sunday, September 08, 2013

Plastic Surgery Nightmare #1

Sexually speaking, we are a liberal society.  Our people have a lot of liberties and freedoms.  Some people argue we should have even more liberties and freedoms.  For instance, that we should legalize prostitution. 

I like living in a sexually open society.  But there's a dark, ugly side to human sexuality, too.  And that's a side that liberal society often represses and hides. 

For instance, here is a recent photograph of Joan Rivers, who has had some work done. 

I can't imagine she's happy with a permanent Joker smile. 

Why do we do this to ourselves?  Why do we pay a surgeon to intentionally scar our bodies?

She wants to look young.  She is desperate to look young, to defy death, to give the appearance of eternal youth. 

Why youth?  Because young women reproduce and have babies, and old women do not.

Sex is not a contract or a roller coaster ride or a fun tingle in your body parts.  Sex is primal.  It is how we reproduce as a species.  Sex creates babies, all the time.  We are glib and stupid about this.

Here is a baby who was aborted.  I am sure the photographer used a zoom lens.  So maybe this image is not upsetting in real life.  Maybe it's not a homicide.  But I look at that tiny arm, ripped off by a surgeon, and I have to say I am appalled.  

I like our sexually liberated society.  I like the freedom in it.  But to have this freedom, we censor and hide all the bad stuff.  You probably won't see "plastic surgery disasters" in the New York Times, nor will you see photographs of aborted babies.  We hide these images.  

I think our society is actually quite weird on the subject of sex.  I think forcing miscarriages is weird, and intentionally scarring your body is weird.  I think it's a perversion of medical skills, and an abandonment of medical ethics.  These doctors are violating their Hippocratic Oath.  

But we really can't blame the doctors.  We pursue sex with a single-minded intensity.  I know I do!  And doing so makes us crazy, and it makes us do crazy things.  And while we should expect crazy to go hand-in-hand with liberty (nonconformists by definition refuse to conform), I also think we should hold up a mirror to the crazy, and show our people what we are doing.  And our media has failed us miserably in this regard. 


edutcher said...

Ghastly stuff!

I can't blame Joan Rivers for wanting to "have a little work done" when she finally made it - if you remember her from the old Carson show (and this is back in the early 60s), she had a hatchet face that could cut wood - but I guess it's like drinking.

Ya gotta know when to say when.

Amanda said...

If God creates miscarriages, why is abortion abhorrent, why are you more moral than God?